Vassena introduces the new patented pressure die device VG402R.1   


Vassena has the pleasure to communicate that the company is now able to introduce the new "International patent" pressure die device called VG402R.1

This is again the VG402R system with the same characteristics:
- The nib is assembled with the stainless steel case
- The gap between wire and hole of the pressure dies is about one millimeter
- The special geometry doesn't permit the solidification of the lubricant when you stop the machine

The new device VG402R.1 that Vassena has studied has been optimized to obtain more benefits:
- more pressure with the same gap and same dimension of the pressure device
- high lubrication also at low drawing speeds
- more die life, because the lubricant is more compacted on the wire, automatically there is low coefficient of friction between wire and dies
- better cooling of the wire
- less friction on wire
- and most importantly less losses of lubricant.


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