Subsidiary products for dies reconditioning

- Blank and Polished Nibs
- Boron carbide: 100 - 150 - 220 - 280 - 320 - 400 grain.
- Diamond powder: my 1/2-3 - 6/12 - 8/25 - 20/40 - 30/60. Jar: 10 Krt.
- Diamond files: round, conical.
- Wooden sticks: 14 dia.
- Magnifying lens: 2x - 4x - 6x - 8x magnifications.
- Spare parts for our machines: 43/28 - 53/43 wire reduction vices - needles 14 dia. bore 5, needle wrench, steel weights.
- Go no-go gauges from 1.95 mm dia. to 12.00 mm dia. in hardened, ground steel.
- Scalping dies
- Software to calculate the schedule of drawing

With Diamond Gel GDM3 you can combine the advantages of pastes and diamond suspension. It is used "PURE", without having to add any liquid substance. It maintains good viscosity over time which allows easy use with low dosage. It is particularly suitable for the polishing of large surfaces.

Lapping Dies
GDM3 Gel is an excellent product suitable for lapping automatic (or manual) of the supply chains, in that it allows a very good adhesion to the needle polishing. Gel GDM3 (soluble in water) is added gradually to the working area. It is used in its pure state. It does not require the addition of any other type of liquid. The use of GDM3 Gel avoids unnecessary waste in the use of diamond dust. The chains must be well cleaned after each polishing step.
GDM3 is available in the following grain sizes and packages:
Grana Concentrazione Flacone
1 µm 0,5/1,5 H/W 250ml
3 µm  2/4 H/W 250ml
6 µm  4/8 H/W 250ml
9 µm  6/12 H/W 250ml
15 µm  10/20 H/W 250ml
30 µm  20/40 H/W 250ml

We can realize GDM3 according to specific particle size range. Gels are also available in Boron Carbide and Silicon Carbide.