Pressure dies for diamond dies


Cooperating with bedea Berkenhoff & Drebes GmbH 


Due to our long expertise in processing of metal wires, we have got the perfect knowledge for the production of our precision wire drawing dies "oranien - bedea"

Drawing dies with natural diamond, monocrystalline or polycrystalline diamond cores for the drawing of non-ferrous wires and high carbon steel wires. Diameters from 0.05 mm up to 30.00 mm.

Especially the bigger Diameter-range above 10.00 mm is a competence that we are proud of.

For the diameter range from 0.50 mm – 10.00 mm we are pleased to belong to the leading companies offering innovative material.

Our bedea x-series is characterized by high density due to the new and innovative core structure.

In the smaller diameter range (0.10 mm – 2.00 mm) we are producing our bedeaX 5-series, that is able to reach a 1µm- surface with 5µm performance and die life time.

In the range of 0.10 mm – 10.00 mm we are offering our bedeaX 25-series, which should reach a 5µm-surface with a 25µm- performance and die life time.

The reason for that is the new innovative material that we are using, containing the structure as follows:

bedeaX 5-series – Grain mix of 5 – 3 – 1 µm

bedeaX 25-series – Grain mix of 25 – 10 – 5 µm