Vassena Dies presents: VG402R chain for high-speed wire drawing

Vassena Dies Srl presents a preview of the drawing mill industry Dies VG402R new, designed for high-speed wire drawing. These are equipped with an innovative pressure compass, developed according to a new criterion for the calculation of internal geometries, both of the chain that of the bush, in order to obtain a greater anchoring of the lubricant on the wire, thus reducing the friction that is generated during wire drawing. Automatically it is increased the speed of drawing and the chain length and significantly reduced the incidence of the cost of the supply chain on the machining process.


Chain and withdrawal sleeve VG402R "patented model"

d x h D x H code PD size PD+D size PD+D
15x14 43x27 BPVG402/A 43x37 43x41
20x18 43x30 BPVG402/A 43x40 43x44
25x20 53x44 BPVG402/D 53x57 -
30x24 63x40 BPVG402/B 63x60 -
30x28 63x50 BPVG402/B 63x63 -
35x24 80x50 BPVG402/C 80x65 -

To facilitate all customers produce different types of pressure compasses




Withdrawal sleeve for PCD dies