100% eco-friendly wire drawing tools: Vassena goes green

It is well a known fact that the manufacturing industry has been struggling for years to reduce its environmental impact. In the past, sustainability and productivity were seen as totally incompatible concepts. Mere ideals on the opposite ends of the spectrum when deciding which path to take. In short, focusing on one would inevitably preclude the other.
Today, fortunately, this is no longer the case. New technologies and materials offer companies the possibility of investing in a circular economy and becoming environmentally friendly without sacrificing other important aspects. Products and consumer goods last longer and can be reused and recycled, while company waste goes back into the production cycle and is given a new purpose.

With this in mind, Vassena has long been committed to achieving complete sustainability of its production process. The company is now fully green, from the electricity used to power its plants – which comes only from clean and certified sources – to the raw materials, carefully selected from suppliers with low environmental impact. Vassena is focusing heavily on new carbide alloys, which are free of harmful chemicals, to develop a green wire drawing insert (with eco-friendly and sustainable alloying elements) and guarantee longer-lasting tools: this translates into much lower disposal costs. Even for lubrication during machining operations, more eco-friendly solutions are preferred, opting for bio-based machining greases (rather than mineral-based). In addition, chemical solvents are being replaced by water-based formulations for intermediate rinsing operations. Last but not least, let’s talk about packaging: plastic (which has extremely long disposal times) has given way to recycled and recyclable paper and cardboard. The company has also stopped using the ordinary PVC adhesive tape, switching to a green branded custom paper tape.